Wednesday 27 May 2015

Defiant: The Legend of Brithnoth

Writer: Andy Winter

Artists: Daniel Bell & Aljosa Tomic

92 pages, Graphic Album, Perfect Bound, Full Colour.

Retail price £14.99/$19.99

Sacrifice… Madness… Death… Betrayal

August 10, 991AD, and a fleet of Viking longships containing 3000 men sail up the River Pant in Essex to the fortified town of Maldon.  Led by the king of Denmark the Norsemen aim to ransack the town and kill as many inhabitants as they can.

Brithnoth, an old soldier and one of the most powerful men in England, assembles a small army and prepares to stand defiant against the coming onslaught.

Defiant: The Legend Of Brithnoth is a hard-hitting historical adventure based on true events that continue to cause furious debate more than a thousand years later!