Monday 5 April 2010

Brum, Brum, Here We Come!

Thanks to Selina Lock of Factor Fiction, here's me caught waxing lyrical about comics at the recent Leicester Independent Press Day. "Waxing lyrical" pretty much sums up the day itself, with lots of people who hadn't read comics since they were kids genuinely surprised that Britain still has a thriving (albeit underground) comics industry. It was just us and Factor Fiction there to bang the comics drum, as most of the East Midlands Indie Press seems to consist of poetry and literary criticism. Usually surrounded by like-minded folk at comics conventions this was a definite step into alien territory for us; it was obvious that most people attending the event were regarding us with curiosity and some with suspicion. Despite that we still sold some comics and enjoyed having lots of conversations about comics - especially with writers who had never considered writing for comics before and who we've since received some sample scripts through from a couple of them. Given it was on our doorstep (literally a 10 minute walk) and there was no exhibiting costs nor any need for hotels, planes, trains and automobiles it made an interesting change from the usual. Not sure we'd do it again though, mainly due to the title of this post...

After two and a half years being based in Leicester, Time Bomb Comics is this week moving across to Birmingham! If I wanted to put some spin on the move it would be to say that the home of the British International Comics Show is an ideal place for us to move to. The reality is the move is down to the day job and nothing whatsoever to do with comics - although the home of the British International Comics Show is still an ideal place for us to move to! We're actually going to be just a couple of miles or so from the Millennium Point BICS-venue which is a nice bonus.

We're also looking forward to be able to regard the brilliant Nostalgia & Comics as our local comic shop as they're doing such a sterling job stocking (and repeatedly selling out) of our titles!