Friday 21 May 2010

All Aboard The Brum-Brissle Express

This weekend is the 2010 Bristol Comics Expo and as I write this we're just finishing off packing our suitcases before catching the Brum-Brissle express. All being well, we should have checked in to the Mercure by 3.00pm and have had ample time to freshen up before hitting the Ramada bar this evening and kicking off this year's Bristol show with a bang.
Our table at the Mercure this year will have our new 56-page Bomb Scares anthology as the centrepiece, as well as all our other titles including The Furies graphic novel which is making its first Bristol appearance since being published last October. We'll also have a really good deal on for any Time Bomb Comics newbies as well, with all our four one-shots (Ragamuffins, Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead, The Sisterhood and Bomb Scares) available as a set for just £10 - a true Bristol Expo bargain!
This year the Small Press Expo takes place over both days so hopefully there'll be a much better flow through between the two Expo hotels this year, and much more awareness that the convention is not just limited to whatever's in the Ramada. Hopefully we'll be able to pop in to see what's going on at the Ramada during the day as well, but if you're attending the Expo as well please come over and say hello!

Sunday 9 May 2010

Back With A Bang!

With the Bristol Expo mere weeks away and our move from Leicester to Birmingham finally complete it's great to be able to finally be able to bring some more news about what you can expect to see from Time Bomb Comics in the not too distant future!

I'm delighted to be able to announce another two new graphic novels in development, adding to London Calling and Skylark announced earlier in the year. First up is Angels Of The Somme, a well-researched World War One story by Alec Robertson and Bruce McLaren. Alec featured in our Bomb Scares horror anthology and Bruce has been a regular artist on the Futurequake titles. Bruce's excellent promo image for AOTS can be seen below.

The equally stunning picture below that is our promotional piece for our other graphic novel - The Last Ride Of Henry Holden. No prizes for guessing it's a western! Written by Derby-based Alex De-Gruchy and drawn by Italian artist Giorgio Ianotti, Henry Holden will appeal to fans of Deadwood, Jonah Hex and great comics storytelling. The promo art has been coloured by Rebecca Labor, a terrific artist we met at last year's Thoughtbubble.

With all these new titles in the pipeline (and between you and me a couple more we're currently sorting the details on with their creative teams) we'll be sending out the following press release this week to all the major comics news websites, including those who've given us some great coverage in the past:
Following their recent move from Leicester to Birmingham and in advance of the forthcoming Bristol Comics Expo, Time Bomb Comics are delighted to be able to announce a number of forthcoming one-shots and graphic novels currently in development:

Written by Stephen Walsh, Artwork by Keith Page
There’s vampires afoot in London’s Highgate Cemetery – and only secret agent Charlotte Corday and the garlic-toting, stake-swinging coppers of the Metropolitan Police’s V-Squad can stop them! Channelling the spirit of traditional British adventure comics from yesteryear, with a dose of Hammer horror and Ealing Studios thrown in, London Calling features classic black and white storytelling from respected “Commando” artist Keith Page.

London Calling is due for release October 2010.

SKYLARK Graphic Novel
Written by Jonathon Darque, Artwork by Katja Lindblom
In the realms of supernatural investigations in the 19th Century Skylark is legendary. A true adventurer from a bygone age, a Man's Man and somebody who left more mysteries behind when he disappeared without a trace. In the aftermath of The Great War his son Gabriel has enjoyed a less than stellar reputation - labelled a fraud by the press and a disappointment by his father's peers. Yet it is Gabriel who on a routine investigation finds himself suffering for his father's sins and only he can turn back a threat older than time itself. Skylark - It's only Heaven for some...

Written by Alec Robertson, Artwork by Bruce McLaren
When the Great War began Private Doherty joined the Seaforth Highlanders wanting to do his bit for King and Country, just like any other ordinary man. But ordinary men shouldn’t have to face to horrors of the trenches and the grim battlefields of the Somme. Fed up with fighting but with nowhere to go, Private Doherty joins a deserter regiment – a rag-tag unit of men from all sides just trying to survive. Based on historical facts, Angels Of The Somme features the fascinating story of the forgotten deserter regiments of World War One.

Written by Alex De-Gruchy, Artwork by Giorgio Ianotti, Colour Artwork by Rebecca Labor
Glory, Nevada. 1871. When Henry Holden took what was rightfully his from the corrupt and ruthless landowner named John Kelly, Sheriff David Samuels was sent after him. Three weeks later, Samuels rides back into Glory with a dead man on his horse and a weight on his soul he knows he can never shake off. Kelly is happy that all is once again as it should be in his town. But he’s wrong. Sheriff Samuels knows he has damned himself – he isn’t looking for any kind of redemption. But with innocent blood on his hands and a tin star on his chest he no longer deserves to wear, Samuels knows that one way or another, a reckoning is coming. And if it’s one that costs him his life, well, that’s just fine with him…

Written by Steve Tanner, Artwork by Andrew Dodd
The long-awaited follow up to the popular and critically acclaimed Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead one-shot released from Time Bomb Comics in 2008!
Notorious highwayman Dick Turpin and his associate Tom King the gentleman thief are living the high-life in nineteenth century London. But Turpin’s getting itchy feet and their coin is getting low, so there’s just time for one last job before hitting the roads again. Who would have known that the upmarket brothel they decide to rob is infested with the curse of the Crimson Plague?
I've sent the promo pieces along with that as well, so hopefully we'll get some visibility before the Bristol show and the London MCM Expo that we're attending just a week later.
Finally one more thing I want to share - below is the first promo piece for Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague! Another Andy Dodd masterpiece, I'm sure you'll agree!