Tuesday 9 November 2010

Time For A Change.

The BICS 2010 show was a good one. Not only did we launch London Calling successfully it also marked our 3rd birthday - we're three years old! It doesn't seem that long since we nervously sat at BICS 2007 with freshly printed copies of Ragamuffins laid out optimistically on our table, thinking we had far too much table space to utilise. Now, with six titles available that 1 table is starting to seem not big enough!

However a mere 3 years publishing experience under the belt is no excuse for complacency, so as we entered our fourth year at least one change seemed well overdue. Click on over to the website http://www.timebombcomics.com/ and you'll see it's had a complete overhaul in design, thanks to website designer/comics publisher/all round good guy Hal Laren of Reaper Comics fame. I think Hal's done a great job, making the site a lot more visually interesting and easier to navigate than the old version. The site at time of writing is 80% done, so Hal will be continuing to tweak it over the next few weeks but if you have any comments on it so far please let us know - ideally using the new contact us form embedded in the site itself.

The other change is that Andy Dodd (who co-founded Time Bomb Comics with me back in September 2007) has decided the time has come for him to move on from Time Bomb and strike out on his own. Andy was closely involved with many of the original conceptual ideas behind Time Bomb Comics and was of course the artist on three of our releases, so I wish him well for the future and look forward to seeing what he does next - assuming his Douglas Adams-esque approach to deadlines doesn't hamper that too much!

A final snippet I want to share relates to the fine piece of artwork above from Alex Wilmore and beautifully coloured by Lauren Sharp. Some of you may recognise it from Kronos City, the graphic novel written by Andrew Croskery that had been announced by the late Insomnia Publications. The great news is that Kronos City has found a new home with Time Bomb Comics. and will now be one of our future releases. Expect more details to come very shortly!