Sunday 24 February 2013

Dick Turpin Rides With Roland Bird!

Yes! It's true!  Dick Turpin is riding out from Time Bomb Comics again, and this time the fantastic Roland Bird is in the saddle as the artist!

Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade will be the third rip-roaring adventure for the notorious highwayman, and the above is Roland's first glimpse at his interpretation of our leading man.

Steve Tanner will again be writing the story, and promises that those of you that enjoyed the first two adventures from Time Bomb Comics - Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead and Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague - can expect another entertaining dose of highwayman horrors.

We'll be announcing when (and where!) you can expect to see more of Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade soon...

Sunday 17 February 2013

A Little Taste Of Something Defiant!

What? Another new title?!?  Well, yes, but as you can see this one is a little way off.  However for those of you who won't be at the London Super Comic Convention this coming weekend here's the first teaser that we'll be displaying at the Time Bomb Comics booth!

Saturday 16 February 2013

A Look At Longship

 Here's a first look at another one of our future releases that's been steadily coming together over the last year or so. Longship is written by Laurence Rider with art by Rebecca Teall and is quite simply going to be quite different to anything we've published before.

Below are the works in progress of the first three pages, just to give you a taste.  These are by no means the final versions - Rebecca put these pages together as a sample to how the project was developing so the colours and lettering are still very loose - but they give you an idea of what to expect!

Monday 11 February 2013

Squadron Of The Screaming Damned - Coming Soon!

Proof that the Short Fuses blog is like buses - nothing for ages then three come along at once...

Here's a look at the cover the Squadron of the Screaming Damned - the sequel that's not a sequel to London Calling by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page.  We were hoping to have this ready for the London Supercon but  events conspired against us and it will now be out a bit later in the year - but trust us, the wait will be worth it.

For those of you that raved about Charlotte Corday's previous adventure from Time Bomb Comics (and there were quite a few of you) you'll be pleased to know that Stephen and Keith have concocted another surreal adventure of nostalgia-inspired madness using the same recipe that made London Calling so tasty.  For those of you that just didn't get it the first time around all we can say is "Move along! Move along! There's nothing to see here!" (But you really are missing out on something quite wonderful.)

Skylark Sneak Peek!

Those of you with long memories may recall a book we mentioned a couple of years back called Skylark.  It was on the back-burner for while but things are finally starting to move along nicely with it, with artist Alex Thompson producing some stunning pages from Jonathan Darque's script.

This is page one, which gives a hint of the wonders to come from this cracking story.

Jonathan was one of the first creators to come to Time Bomb Comics with a story idea and he's been a real gentleman with his patience whilst the story was caught up in development hell. Alex is probably one of the most talented new artists to emerge in British comics over the last couple of years, and has worked with Time Bomb's Steve Tanner on stories for Accent UK and Bayou Arcana.  Alex was also one of the featured artists in the gallery section of Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague and we're delighted to be able to showcase her talent to the max in Skylark.

Henry Holden Rides Into Previews!

Our recent release The Last Ride Of Henry Holden is available for all shops in the UK & Ireland to order in the February Previews catalogue!  (Of course, those of you living further afield can always buy a copy through our online shop!)

Even better, Forbidden Planet International are also offering the book at a special pre-order price of just £4.82 which you can avail yourself of here.

Hopefully this will mean the book will get into the best comics shops across the land - but please ask your local shop to order a copy or two (or three! or more!) if you can.  In fact, to reward anyone who does get their local shop to place an order and can email us the details of the shop so we can verify it, we'll send you a free copy of the next Time Bomb Comics release - Squadron of the Screaming Damned - direct to your door!