Sunday 6 February 2011

Henry Holden's Moseying Along...

The Last Ride Of Henry Holden was announced as a forthcoming one-shot early last year, written by Alex De-Gruchy with Giorgio Iannotti handling the pencils. The talented Mike Bunt has since come on board as the inker and the finished pages are now becoming a regular feature in my inbox!

A gritty oater that should appeal to any fans of modern takes on the classic Western genre such as DC's current Jonah Hex series and HBO's Deadwood, The Last Ride Of Henry Holden is now tentatively scheduled for release next year. In the meantime here's the first five pages to whet your appetites:

Aren't they fabulous? And believe me, having seen Giorgio's amazing pencils for the later pages the best is yet to come!
If you want to see more be sure to check out our Henry Holden preview booklet which I'm putting together that will be on the tables at any of Time Bomb's show appearances this year - the first of which is the Cardiff Comics Expo at the end of February!