Thursday 31 December 2015

Time Bomb Comics - Our 2016 Plans!

With the final hours of 2015 counting down, what better time to share some of our plans for 2016.  We'll begin in 2015 though, as the release of the new Bomb Scares collection in October started the ball rolling on a three year publishing plan for the title with the second of the planned 3 volumes coming your way in October 2016!

Conceived as such from the outset, editor Paul H Birch began working on each volume concurrently back in 2014 so the 2016 collection is well in hand.  There's also a facebook group about the Bomb Scares series here that has been going for a couple of months and includes lots of details about the creators involved and submission guidelines for the anthology.

The 2015 Bomb Scares collection was very well received - and was also our first book offered through Kickstarter, although as a pre-order rather than a full-funding vehicle - and so we're expecting good things for the 2016 book!

The eagle eyed amongst you will also have spotted a word in the last but one paragraph that hints at a big change to what Time Bomb Comics will be doing going forward - and that word is "series".  After 8 years of publishing one-shots and graphic novels we'll be launching our first ongoing title!  This is a huge step for us, and one which we only really wanted to take if the right idea came along.

It's called Flintlock and the inaugural edition has an expected launch date of April 2016. What makes it a little bit different is that each release in the Flintlock series will feature stories entirely set in the eighteenth century involving a regular cast of characters.  Artist Anthony Summey has just completed the artwork for the main story in the launch edition - and you can see some of his character sketches involving that story above - whilst Italian artist Lorenzo Nicoletta is hard at work on one of the back up strips.  We think it's a little bit different from anything else that's out there, and we hope you feel the same when the book's released in the spring!

April and October then - the 2016 dates for the new Time Bomb Comics!

Sunday 18 October 2015

Bomb Scares

Bomb Scares is a new horror comic anthology showcasing a truly frightening array of artists and writers. Intended as an annual release over the next three years, this first anthology collection due to be published later this month. That's right - later this month - as every page is already fully completed and ready for printing!

The concept of Bomb Scares is a simple one: Inspired by the notorious EC horror comics of the fifties, I wanted to produce a modern horror anthology that would scare, bemuse and repulse - and throw in a dash of unexpected humour too!

To do this, we aimed high and recruited respected editor Paul H Birch to help put together a truly breathtaking array of comics talent for this first volume - including creators such as Mike (Deathlok, Captain America) Perkins, Luca (Spider-Man, Black Knight) Pizzari, and Gary (Westernoir) Crutchley. We also have 2000AD artists Richard Elson and Dave Kendall who collaborated for the first time to produce the incredible Bomb Scares painted cover.

Bomb Scares features graphic stories of cutting edge horror. The artwork throughout is breathtaking - each of the artists involved producing some incredible pages of comic art to realise the dark and macabre tales of the writers they collaborated with.Unlike previous launches, Bomb Scares will be available as a pre-order option through Kickstarter - which will be offering the complete Bomb Scares book in both print and digital editions much cheaper than cover price. 

You can pre-order your copy of Bomb Scares here: Bomb Scares Pre-Order

Sunday 14 June 2015

Defiantly Joining the Digital Revolution!

For those of you who've been following Time Bomb Comics for a few years, you'll recall that we've dipped our toe into digital publishing already.  Although we'll be the first to admit that it's been a bit half-hearted, and our focus has very much been on the physical, printed side of things.  We'll also admit that a lot of that has been due to the fact than when we first dabbled digitally back in 2010/2011 we found it a bit random. Lots of platforms, vying with one another, and all a bit confusing.

Over the last couple of years, though, we've noticed that things have become a little more settled, and a lot more professional, with a handful of digital distributors making huge inroads to provide a service that seem to generate a lot of positive feedback from the readers who download and the publishers who upload.  One such is DriveThruComics, who we've decided to distribute Defiant through as a digital download.

It's still very much an experiment for us, we still don't really know what to expect, but we do know that if it seems a popular means of reading our comics we'll be looking at providing our full range of titles through DriveThruComics - including those that are now out of print!

Buy Defiant digitally here!

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Defiant: The Legend of Brithnoth

Writer: Andy Winter

Artists: Daniel Bell & Aljosa Tomic

92 pages, Graphic Album, Perfect Bound, Full Colour.

Retail price £14.99/$19.99

Sacrifice… Madness… Death… Betrayal

August 10, 991AD, and a fleet of Viking longships containing 3000 men sail up the River Pant in Essex to the fortified town of Maldon.  Led by the king of Denmark the Norsemen aim to ransack the town and kill as many inhabitants as they can.

Brithnoth, an old soldier and one of the most powerful men in England, assembles a small army and prepares to stand defiant against the coming onslaught.

Defiant: The Legend Of Brithnoth is a hard-hitting historical adventure based on true events that continue to cause furious debate more than a thousand years later!