Saturday 20 February 2010

It's Only Heaven For Some...

Hot on the heels of London Calling I'm delighted to be able to announce details of another up and coming graphic novel. Skylark is written by Jonathan Darque with artwork by Katja Lindblom, two creators who feature in the current Bomb Scares anthology. Both Jonathan and Katja did a fanastic job on their respective Bomb Scares short stories, and it's going to be terrific to see what wonders they do on their first graphic novel!

I asked Mr Darque to provide a few lines of what Skylark is all about, so over to you Jonathan:

"In the realms of supernatural investigations in the 19th Century Skylark is legendary. A true adventurer from a bygone age, a Man's Man and somebody who left more mysteries behind when he disappeared without a trace. In the aftermath of The Great War his son Gabriel has enjoyed a less than stellar reputation - labelled a fraud by the press and a disappointment by his father's peers. Yet it is Gabriel who on a routine investigation finds himself suffering for his father's sins and only he can turn back a threat older than time itself.

Skylark - It's only Heaven for some..."

Sounds good? I can assure you the script is a cracker and that Katja's style is a perfect fit for the story. Obviously it's too early to give a publication date for Skylark just yet but please keep an eye out for updates and art samples from now on, either here on the blog or at our convention tables. Skylark has been in development for a few months, and it's great to finally be at the stage where I can officially announce it!

So that's Bomb Scares, London Calling and now Skylark, making 2010 a pretty good year for Time Bomb Comics already. There's a couple of other things slowly coming together too, but I don't want to jinx things by jumping the gun so I won't say too much just yet!

Other news: We've unfortunately had to pull out of the Hi-Ex convention next month, which is a huge disappointment and not a decision we took lightly. We had a blast at Hi-Ex 2009, but the logistics of getting there and back with a 6 week old this year have scuppered us. However we are confirmed for both the Bristol Expo and the London MCM Expo in May, so will still manage to do 4 appearances this year with the usual Birmingham and Leeds events.

Finally on a Time Bomb Comics related note be sure to get your hands on a copy of Murky Depths #11 as the just published issue features an 8 page short story by one Steve Tanner - a familiar name to any readers of Time Bomb Comics!

You can order a copy online here:

Monday 1 February 2010

Our Latest Release...

Meet Sasha Joyce Tanner, the latest addition to the Time Bomb Comics line-up! Released on Sunday 31st January 2010, Sasha could be considered our latest one-shot, but unlike any of our previous titles won't be available for purchase in any format as she comes in an extremely limited edition of just one copy, and is of course considered by her creative team of Steve and Suzanne Tanner to be priceless!
Those of you who encounter us on the convention trail can expect to meet up with Sasha before too long, although she probably won't be running the table on her own this year, or for a few more years to come!