Friday 1 August 2014

Longship Finally Sets Sail!


Three years ago, in August 2011, we received Lawrence Rider's pitch for Longship. This weekend Time Bomb Comics will be launching the completed book at the ICE convention here in Birmingham.  Given that we found Lawrence's eventual co-creator Rebecca Teall at a Birmingham convention shortly after we received his first draft seems to make everything come full circle - and adds to the sense of closure.

Three years. That's a long time for a 50 page comic to be created, but sometimes it's worth waiting that little bit longer for something. During that time we published 4 other titles - and as each one of those reached their launch dates Longship continued to slowly bubble away in the background, steadily coming together to become something that we, and everyone else that has seen it so far, seems to get quite excited about.

It's a book with a lot of firsts. It's the first comics work that Lawrence and Rebecca have produced (which considering the quality of the finished article is really quite something), it's the first title that we have released in a hardcover edition as well as our standard softcover format, and it's the first book that we've received emails requesting copies for before we've solicited it anywhere. Add in to the mix that the advance reviews that Longship's received have been, well, amazing - we even got coverage on the Bleeding Cool website - and you've got something which we think is pretty special.

But then, we knew that three years ago.

(And you can still try and snag one of the limited hardcovers for yourself by forwarding £15 via Paypal to