Tuesday 10 September 2013

The Squadron of the Screaming Damned Are Scheduled To Land!

 We're delighted to announce that our long-awaited Squadron of the Screaming Damned book will be launched at the Nottingham Nerd Fest convention taking place on Saturday October 5th!  A complete thrilling adventure told by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page, Squadron of the Screaming Damned is their amazing follow up to London Calling which we released to critical acclaim in 2010.  Once again featuring Charlotte Corday - the mysterious secret agent whose missions are so top secret even she doesn't know what they are - the story begins with a WWII German U-boat surfacing in Charlotte's bathtub, as Page and Walsh give us another fabulous dose of the weird and wonderful that made London Calling such a hit.

If you'd like to see even more of Keith's fabulous art, preview pages from Squadron of the Screaming Damned have been running on previous blogposts - so take a look!

There's been a dearth of comic conventions in the Midlands over the last couple of years (although everywhere else they seem to be multiplying like rabbits!) so it's great that we'll be releasing this one on relatively home turf, so to speak, and be supporting a new arrival on the UK convention circuit that really could be the start of something big. But those of you who can't make Nottingham for the Nerd Fest panic not - the Squadron of the Screaming Damned are scheduled to land at this November's Leeds Thoughtbubble too!