Sunday 17 January 2010

Disturbing Horror Stories In A Twisted Vein...

Bomb Scares, our long-awaited horror anthology one-shot, is the first big 2010 release from Time Bomb Comics!

Those of you who follow such things will know that Bomb Scares was originally slated for October 2009, but a catalogue of mishaps and problems ensured that the finished copies arrived back to us one day after Thoughtbubble - thus ensuring it had missed the 2009 convention season completely - and will therefore kick off our 2010 convention season at Hi-Ex in March.

(Of course, the ingrained curse that Bomb Scares seems to have come with isn't quite finished with us just yet - at time of writing Time Bomb's appearance at Hi-Ex is till a bit up in the air, due to my wife Suzanne's imminent onset of labour! Should things all go smoothly over the next 10 days all three of us will be travelling to Scotland as planned, should things get more complicated then none of us may be fit to travel. So we're crossing our fingers at the moment!)

I know it's traditional for publishers to big their own releases up, but Bomb Scares is a pretty special piece of work and at 56 pages for £4.00/$5.50. Ten stories, eighteen creators, and one anthology that contains as wide a range of styles and horror themes as you would want. I reckon there's pretty much something for every horror fan inside - from psychological terror to gruesome body horror and of course a liberal sprinkling of zombies - and the finished package lives up to the book's strapline: disturbing horror stories in a twisted vein.

The eighteen creators that are featured in Bomb Scares are equally diverse. We have a story by respected comics creators Gary Crutchley and Shane Oakley, and rapidly up and coming writer Richmond Clements. Then there's the rest of the creators - John Cahill, Katja Lindblom, GM Jordan, Alec Robertson, Chis Young, Rachele Aragno, MC Carper, Montos, Anglada Kamarasa, Andy Dodd, Gordon Robertson, Scott Mitchell, Jonathan Darque, Dino Caruso and Steve Tanner. Some of those you may recognise already, but all are names to watch out for in the future.

The good news is that nobody has to wait until convention season starts up again to own a copy. Bomb Scares is already available through the online shop at from anywhere in the world and we will be looking to get the anthology into some of the more indie-friendly comic shops before March. Nostalgia and Comics in Birmingham has already sold out of their first batch!

Thursday 7 January 2010

Another Couple Of Bites!

Following on from Keith Page's wonderful colour promo for London Calling last time, here's a couple of Keith's quite wonderful interior pages from the upcoming one-shot. One thing that was a pleasant surprise was Keith's traditional approach to lettering - all carefully written onto the pages themselves. In this day and age of computer generated lettering fonts and captions it really stands out as something special, don't you agree?

Friday 1 January 2010


So welcome to 2010!

To hopefully whet your appetites for what could be Time Bomb Comics' biggest year yet here's a little taster about our big 2010 release: More details coming very soon!