Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Squadron of the Screaming Damned - Page 1

I am delighted to announce that Short Fuses will be previewing the first 12 pages of Squadron of the Screaming Damned by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page, in weekly installments of a page a week.

Their amazing follow-up to London Calling, and featuring the further adventures of Charlotte Corday, Squadron of the Screaming Damned is being released later this year in the same A4 sized package that London Calling showcased Keith's artwork off so well.

Here's page 1 - Enjoy!


  1. Any idea what time this year it will be released?

  2. We're hoping for the first half of this year - a bit vague I know - but will update the blog with further details as soon as they're finalised!

    1. Good show, I look forward to it!