Monday, 11 February 2013

Skylark Sneak Peek!

Those of you with long memories may recall a book we mentioned a couple of years back called Skylark.  It was on the back-burner for while but things are finally starting to move along nicely with it, with artist Alex Thompson producing some stunning pages from Jonathan Darque's script.

This is page one, which gives a hint of the wonders to come from this cracking story.

Jonathan was one of the first creators to come to Time Bomb Comics with a story idea and he's been a real gentleman with his patience whilst the story was caught up in development hell. Alex is probably one of the most talented new artists to emerge in British comics over the last couple of years, and has worked with Time Bomb's Steve Tanner on stories for Accent UK and Bayou Arcana.  Alex was also one of the featured artists in the gallery section of Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague and we're delighted to be able to showcase her talent to the max in Skylark.

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