Friday, 21 May 2010

All Aboard The Brum-Brissle Express

This weekend is the 2010 Bristol Comics Expo and as I write this we're just finishing off packing our suitcases before catching the Brum-Brissle express. All being well, we should have checked in to the Mercure by 3.00pm and have had ample time to freshen up before hitting the Ramada bar this evening and kicking off this year's Bristol show with a bang.
Our table at the Mercure this year will have our new 56-page Bomb Scares anthology as the centrepiece, as well as all our other titles including The Furies graphic novel which is making its first Bristol appearance since being published last October. We'll also have a really good deal on for any Time Bomb Comics newbies as well, with all our four one-shots (Ragamuffins, Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead, The Sisterhood and Bomb Scares) available as a set for just £10 - a true Bristol Expo bargain!
This year the Small Press Expo takes place over both days so hopefully there'll be a much better flow through between the two Expo hotels this year, and much more awareness that the convention is not just limited to whatever's in the Ramada. Hopefully we'll be able to pop in to see what's going on at the Ramada during the day as well, but if you're attending the Expo as well please come over and say hello!

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